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“Bee Buddies”

Social skills development is considered as one of the most important parts of Applied Behavior Analysis at Beehave Therapies. “Bee Buddies” emphasizes teaching and developing social skills for clients. ABA is a evidence based therapy, which includes collecting data regarding behavior before, during and after therapy sessions. Pre-Assessments and Post-Assessments are very important to indicate improvements made and improvements that should be made to improve the quality of life for clients in need of Social Skills development.  

Enhance your capability to enjoy social interaction with "Bee Buddies"

Who Qualifies for "Bee Buddies" ?

“Bee buddies” is helpful for those who have delays in:

  • Verbal and Non-verbal communication
  • Sharing and initiating conversation
  • Personal Growth and Self love
  • Focus
  • Responding
  • Participating and enjoying social experiences