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Beehave Therapies offers evidence-based applied behavior analysis services. Beehave Therapies has a passionate team of professionals. We are here to support our families and provide the best resources to increase their quality of life.

1. Apply Today

Be sure to include all information in the intake questionarrie and email your insurance card to [email protected]

2. Authorization

We will contact your insurance company to confirm if you have coverage for ABA services. Once we know that have been approved, we will continue with the process. If you do not have insurance, we have Private Pay options that you contact us for and we will continue with the process upon method of preference is made by the applicant and their legal guardians (if applicable).

3. Intake Consultation

A Case Manager will be assigned to consult with the applying applicant and their legal guardians (if applicable). The Case Manager will reach out and request to schedule a date and time for an initial discussion session to understand the area of concerns.

4. Assessment

To determine how many hours of ABA the applicant needs, a Case Manager will conduct in-depth assessments of the client. This is how the Case Manager will gain an understanding of the applicant’s service needs through observation and completion of behavioral intake assessments. The assessments session locations will be determined by the area of concerns discussed during the Initial discussion session.

5. Therapy Plan

Following the discussion and assessment sessions with the applicant’s Case Manager, the Beehave Therapies team will create a reccomended therapy plan. Therapy plan suggestions are on basis of the applicant’s behavioral intake assessments and areas of concerns that are monitored during sessions.

All intake requirements must be completed and submitted prior to being offered continuous service hours. Once the Beehave Therapies Team reviews and approves the intake package, required intake documents will be sent to the applicant’s insurance provider. 

6. Approval Wait

After the assessment is submitted to your insurance provider (if applicable), the provider approves a specific number of hours per service per week. This approval can take up to 21 business days. Once the applicant’s insurance provider or private pay method has been accepted, a call or email from the Beehave Therapies Scheduling Coordinator will be recieved to schedule continuous service hours and dates for the six-month service agreement period.

7. Time to Create a Schedule

After verifying the information submitted for the intake process, The Scheduling Coordinator will send the applicant and/or their primary guardians (if applicable) a schedule request for dates and hours of recommended therapy sessions. The applicant and/or primary guardian (if applicable) can approve or decline the therapy plan recommendation and send a service petition for any revisions requested. Prioritization of schedules will be based on a first come first serve basis. You can contact the Beehave Therapies Scheduling Coordinator at [email protected] for discussing any scheduling concerns or requests. The Beehave Therapies team is here for you!  

Congratulations! Begin Therapy

After all the above procedures have been completed and approved, the applicant will be assigned a personalized Care Team. Please keep in mind that all services provided by Beehave Therapies are aligned with evidence-based therapies, and the number of hours and sessions will be determined by the Case Manager’s discretion throughout client observations and may change during and/or following the six-month service agreement. The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) on the Care Team will develop a therapy plan to be implemented by behavior technicians, who are actively supported with constant supervision. 

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