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Beehave Therapies mission is to help individuals and families live a full potential life through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).


Beehave Therapies envisions individuals and families demonstrating important life skills.


Holistic Development


Behavioral assessments determine the cause of behaviors. This approach has been successfully demonstrated by research. Based on the results, our Behavior Analysts will select appropriate interventions and design an individualized treatment plan.

Home, School & Community

ABA can and should be implemented in multiple environments. In the home setting, we incorporate programs into typically occurring family routines. The school based program provides one-to-one support. Community programs may include targeting social skills at the park.

Guardian Support

Guardians are supported with lifelong tools to manage behaviors and increase skills. This ensures consistency in delivery of ABA strategies. The goal is to leave the family with an ABA skillset needed to promote the individual’s gains in the absence of therapists.


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